Manic Wonderland

Oh my word, Manic Street Preachers are releasing a Christmas single. This is either the best news or the worst news in the world. I hope it’s the best. If it’s as good as the ‘classics’ by Slade, Wizzard, Shakin’ Stevens, it’ll be great. If it’s on a par with The Darkness, it’ll suck balls. Anyway, here’s the story again in someone else’s words:

Manic Street Preachers are planning to record a Christmas song to release this December.

The single will coincide with the band’s forthcoming UK tour.

Frontman James Dean Bradfield told BBC 6 Music that the band were in the early stages of writing the song.

“I think we’ve got more of a sense of humour than people realise,” he said. “We regard it [the Christmas single concept] as a great, great tradition.”

Explaining more about the songwriting process, Bradfield added: “The way it reads is a bit funny at the moment. We’ve got to decide what we’re going to do with it. We’ve always got lots of little plans and dreams – one of is to do a Christmas single.”

From Nme.<p


Rare Blur tracks leak

No fool, nothing new. Unfortunately. Two demos from the time Blur were leaving dark times behind with Modern Life is Rubbish and demoing songs for what would become brit pop archetype Parklife. There’s two demos, one of Girls and Boys, and one of Parklife. Damon does the speaking parts in Parklife, as it was intended that Phil Daniels talk over The Debt Collecter- unfortunately, Damon couldn’t be arsed to write some lyrics for it so he ended up doing Parklife instead.

Girls and Boys sounds a bit more 80s, and my god is that bassline excitable! Thank goodness 
it calmed down a bit for the proper version. Anyway, to hear them, head over

Bassist hits the Ground

Ouch. Supergrass bassist Micky Quinn has managed to sleepwalk out of a 1st floor window and break several vertibrae on his back. Well, if you will insist on staying in the south of France…

My Bloody Valentine to reform?

Please please please God let it happen. NME are reporting that there are whispers that Coachella have managed to tempt My Bloody Valentine in to reforming and performing classic shoegaze album ‘Loveless’ in it’s entirety. If this happens, they had better come and play it in London too- I can’t afford to fly to America for it!


New Libertines song leaks

Wow, best band in the world, Pete and Carl are the second coming, I’d sacrifice my first born to get them back together yada yada yada. In actual fact a fairly decent band who produced a good first album and a piece of shit second album, then broke up and produced the horror that is Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things and Yeti- all fucking rubbish, hopefully they’ll all tour together in a transit van that’ll fly off the edge of a cliff.

Anyway, the story from NME

“An unreleased song by The Libertines has begun circulating on the internet.

Information about how to get the track, a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Eight Days A Week’, has been posted on the fan forums of the official Libertines website.

Recorded in 2003 during the ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ sessions with Bernard Butler producing, the song features Carl Barat on vocals, but Pete Doherty does not feature.

The cover was leaked online by a music industry figure who works in licensing/publishing.”

Knocked Up

Last night we took our lives in our hands and went to Didcot to see ‘Knocked Up’ at the cinema. Judd Apatow’s comedy starring Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann tells the story of two very different people who meet at a club one night and have a drunken one night stand. Ben Stone is a 23 year old ‘slacker’ who lives with his friends, gets stoned every day and plans to make money from a website that gives information about nudity in films. Alison Scott is a career minded girl working at a TV station who just gets a promotion, hence the reason why she is out at the club celebrating when she meets Ben.
After a misunderstanding involving contraception, Alison finds out she is pregnant 8 weeks later. She contacts Ben and the two get to know each other in an attempt to see if they are right for each other.
‘Knocked Up’ is the latest in a positive trend of teen comedies, as the dialogue is a lot wittier than these kind of films used to be. Most charcters are well drawn out, coming over realistically and sympathetically which is far more engaging than anything in the recent ‘teen gross out’ comedies. The plot is nothing new of course, but the journey the audience experiences is refreshing. the dialogue is witty but realistic- when Ben’s friends are ripping it out of each other it’s completely believable, you feel like one of the group. The relationship between Ben and Pete is nicely drawn out, a mixture of ‘older brother worship’ and annoyance at his treatment of his wife.
‘Knocked Up’ is a huge success for Apatow, following on from ‘the 40 yr old Virgin’ and I can’t wait to see ‘Superbad’ more than ever.

CBGB’s founder dies

Sadly, the founder of legendary New York venue Hilly Kristal has died due to complications from lung cancer. see here
for more information.<p